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Dr. Christian Marquardt
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Dr. Christian Marquardt

Dr. Christian Marquardt

Degree in Medicine

Neuro Scientist

Motor Learning Expert

Inventor of SAM PuttLab

Dr. Christian Marquardt is a neuroscientist, specialising in the fields of medicine, sports and motor behaviour research. Since the early 90’s he concentrated on interdisciplinary research in Neuro-Rehabilitation / Neuro-Science. His work, dedicated to the development of new concepts for movement analysis, motor learning and treatment of movement disorders, is widely appreciated. Christian Marquardt earned a doctorate at the faculty of medical psychology at the Munich University on kinematic movement analysis. Since 2007 Marquardt is consultant for various companies in the development of ergonomic writing tools. Marquardt also helps to develop a new curriculum for children to learn handwriting. In 2001 Marquardt developed SAM PuttLab, a unique measuring system which makes is possible for the first time to measure and analyse with great precision all aspects of putting. In 2003 Marquardt founded the Science&Motion GmbH in Munich, Germany, to market both the SAM PuttLab and the SAM Academy. The PuttLab is nowadays the world wide leading technology to measure putting analysis. Many top players on the European Tour have trained on the SAM PuttLab with great success, making Marquardt one of the leading putting experts world-wide.


His lectures and seminars at the SAM Academy reflect his scientific approach and know-how so appreciated in the golfing community. Based on the data from the PGA Tour he developed his innovative concept of the 6 fundamentals of a putting stroke. A number of national and international golf federations and PGAs are actually working with him. Since 2007 he worked as Putting coach for the PGA Golf Team Germany and as national putting coach for the German Federation golf teams.