• The Stadium Concept

The Stadium Concept exclusively for Bluegreen

In the Stadium Concept we work exclusively with the number one network of golf courses in France : Bluegreen.

Bluegreen is focused on satisfying and exceeding the needs of it’s clients and it proposes a new approach to golf, to attract a varied public: children, adults, new and veteran players, the puritans, the more modern as well as the more easy-going and the intrepid.

Bluegreen has 48 golf clubs in France, over 20 years experience, 400 affiliated companies, more than 100 instructors and about 14,000 beginners starting on their golf courses.

We are currently present in 25 of their courses, but from 2019 we are increasing that figure considerably to provide the best service in the greatest number of different locations and so allowing us to satisfy the demand for complete adapted golf programs, specially for the youngest.

In The Stadium Concept we offer complete training where they will learn everything necessary to become athletes and golf players, through fun and games but instilling in them values such as respect, commitment, generosity, creativity, hard-work and motivation to obtain a 360°education.

If you would like to learn more about our educational offer, do not hesitate to contact us.

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