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Children, teenagers, adults, seniors, the Stadium Concept is open to everyone, today and tomorrow.

With the dedicated Stadium World application, you will be able to find the Stadiums closest to you, have fun from home, but also challenge yourself or chat between Stadiumers. The evolution is underway!

Created for everyone, the Stadium Concept aims to improve both cognitive and physical skills.

Developed by experts in neuroscience and motor skills to combine movement with cerebral thinking for better learning, we are fortunate to have seen our project expand its audience as it has evolved.

Every day new individuals discover us, on the internet, on social networks, in a golf club, in a sports complex, next to a school, or simply during ephemeral events.

Our Concept fascinates professional athletes and curious beginners, seniors looking for a fun fitness solution, but also teenagers looking for performance improvements in their chosen sports.

Adapted to all and allowing everyone to evolve at their own pace and to grow according to their varying abilities & skills, the Stadium Concept combines the digital and physical worlds.

So to all lovers of new experiences and to athletes of all levels, welcome to the world of Stadium Concept!