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Help today’s children grow into tomorrow’s adults. Develop your training structures and activities, get a return on your investments... And obtain results!

Increase your turnover, extend your family of members, offer regular sporting solutions, and build year after year a community that reflects your business culture.


The Stadium Concept has been designed and developed by athletes to be deployed in sporting environments that offers clubs, coaches, and institutions a long-lasting and durable solution.

Bringing added financial value while distilling pleasure, it is a solution that has proven itself at numerous golf courses and other sporting complexes around the world.

In the “Coach” section, you will discover testimonials from experts who view the Stadium Concept as being revolutionary.

Innovative and simple to implement, but above all scalable, the Stadium Concept arouses real curiosity and makes it possible to reach new customers while motivating and enabling current customers.

Winner of the Innovation Award at the 2018 Golf Trophies and continuing its expansion into clubs in Europe, the Middle East and across the Atlantic, we offer tailor-made solutions for clubs, coaches, sporting structures, and venues. More than a concept, it is a philosophy that is driving change and will continue to drive change in the sporting world for years to come.